Friday, May 11, 2012

With due apologies to one Mr. Asadullah Beg Khan

If you ask for the literal meaning, this is what Ghalib says:
दर्द से है मेरे तुझको बेक़रारी, हाय हाय.
(You say my pain leaves you restless, Dear God!)
क्या हुई ज़ालिम तेरी गफ़ल्ताशीयारी, हाय हाय. 
(Just what happened to your cruel carelessness, Dear God!)

But if only the man were that simple to explain, in words or in illustration! So I decided, I had had enough of not being able to draw Ghalib in the seriousness that he dictates. There you go, Ghalib! That's what happens when you write gloriously lyrical thoughts that cannot be expressed in any other medium. People draw silly cartoons about them.

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