Friday, May 11, 2012

अब और कितने स्टेशन बाक़ी हैं?

इक्कीस फ़रवरी का टिकट,         
जेब में छुट्टे पैसे खोजना.         
एक गरम कप कॉफ़ी में,         
एक हज़ार बातें घोलना.          
पल-पल की पाबंदी है,          
क्या बात कहेंक्या जानें दें?          
और उसपर भी ये तय करना,          
समझायें या समझानें दें?         
अब भारी मन से चढ़ तो गए,          
जाने की भी मजबूरी है.          
तुम रुक जाओ, हम साथ चलें,          
कितनी लम्बी ये दूरी है.         
ये किस्सा सुन शायद दुनिया,          
हंस-हंस कर पागल हो जाए.          
रोने से फुर्सत कहाँ हमें,          
कि उनको जज़्बा समझायें.          
है गला रुंधा और सिर भारी,          
वरना उनको समझाते हम.          
हर प्लेटफ़ॉर्म पर बिछड़-बिछड़,          
फिर दूजे पे मिल जाते हम.          

How does one celebrate seven years of not running out of words to say to each other? By holding hands over a humble cup of coffee on the railway station as we continue talking. At railway stations all over the country, we have had inconsolable, heart-breaking farewells; only to poetically reunite on similar railway stations at a later date. Movie scripts can only aspire to match this sort of drama. (The comic relief we provide to the general public is a bonus feature.) Darling, what other love can I aspire to? You have set the benchmark too high.


  1. How lucky is the one to be loved so much and have an entire blog post to hog! :)

    Very beautifully painted. Is that the actual platform ticket you bought on 21st Feb? My dahling artist, you have frozen our rendezvous and my favourite memories of A'bad for eternity with this.

    No great artist was a perfect painter. It is their imperfections that make that art unique and great. And you are so good (and I can see no imperfections) that I wish your uniqueness brings you all the greatness you truly deserve.

    To many more journeys and stations we discover together! Long Live the Romance! Love you :*

  2. Dosti toh sirf bahana hai...Loverrr! :P

  3. oh so u r a poet too...:) way to go dear!!